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Once again, I’ve not been around much.

Every time I think about this site, I’m at a loss, either of for words or direction. I guess I’m still seeking. So much has changed since, and even while I was in Nicaragua. Some of it I’m still sorting through. Some of it is just a ‘hang on for the ride’, until it comes to a stop. And no, it’s not just applied to the site…   🙂

I’m still not sure what this site is supposed to look like. I just know it’s not what it was before. And hey, it’s hard to tear down something you put a lot of time and effort into. And in the same breath, in order to walk in what’s new, one must be willing to lay down and let go of what is old.

And, I’ve just not had time to sit and write and all the creative kind of things I like to do here. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind, some of that obvious and tangible – like doors shut, doors open, a re-ordering of things, and some separations, life decisions by others.

And I would love to have come back and posted gobs of photos, but since my camera went hay-wire, I didn’t get to take any, at least not with my camera. I’ll try next to time to grab a few that were taken and sent to me.

For now, it’s back to work. I’ve much to catch up on, especially since the weather decided to go nuts last weekend, between days without essential services and now more just shoveling – well.. time to get back to business.

I hope you all are having a great new year this far. Hard to believe it’s mid-way through February already, with Spring fast on it’s heels. Saw my first robin yesterday.. love it!!!

Blessings to you all. And for those of you also in the transition trenches, hang in there, something’s on its way!


You can’t ride on yesterday’s ‘high’

And you can’t depend on this morning’s anointing tomorrow


Manna was given on a daily basis, with the exception of the weekends. If they gathered any more than needed for that day’s portion, it rotted.

‘Moral of the story’? We need daily communion with God! 🙂

“Just Worship Me”

That’s what I heard that morning.

It wasn’t about journaling or reading or studying, or even praying. It was a time HE wanted me JUST to commune with Him through worship.

Worship, takes my focus off of me and my stuff, or others and their stuff. Worship takes my focus back to Him, and into His Presence. 

In His Presence – everything is seen differently, or fades away – unimportant. Rest is found, Clarity is given, Peace is restored. 

Sometimes, we just need to STOP, Drop and Worship; and watch the rest come into alignment as we become realigned. Sometimes, 5 minutes, is all we need to turn everything around, from chaos to sanity…  

‘The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

He makes me to lie down in green pastures

and leads me beside the still waters,

He restores my soul.” 

Psalm 23:1-3:a

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