This is the first official blog for this new blog site:

Mission Possible! 1st Stop Nicaragua

I’ve now been to Nicaragua on two missions trips. But it’s now been two years since the last one. I made a few beloved connections the first year, especially at a place called La Quinta Esperanza. I miss those beautiful faces and now it’s time to start the process for my return visit, this time as a solo journey. 

I suppose in part this site is to generate some attention in the effort to raise funds; not only to get myself there, but to finish a project our team started two years ago. I’ll fill you in on that as we go. But also, it will be good to journal the journey, for my own records and perhaps another who someday would like to make a trek of their own.

Along the way, I’ll introduce you to the ministry I’m supporting and some of what their vision is and what they’ve been up to. There’s always something in the works! I’d like to share some pics and maybe memories of the past trips and faces of some incredible young people. I’ll update you on the project at hand, and any others that might seem doable as well. I am SO looking forward to seeing people and places in person again!! 

There are many places in this world my heart longs to go, and most of them are probably somehow missions or ministry based. But!

First stop….  Jinotepe/Diriamba, Nicaragua!