Once in a while, I get the pleasure of getting to stay in touch with some of the youth I’d met @ La Quinta Esperanza.  This week I was blessed to hear from Justo, who finally found my missions page, and I was able to talk for a few minutes with Dary, who is now studying for pharmacology.  (Justo is in the first photo.)

Children’s Day Celebration @ La Quinta Esperanza

Dary & Desire @ La Quinta

More often, I’ve been able to stay in closer touch with both Carlos and Dary’s sister Desire. Desire is studying psychology and honestly, I’ve forgotten Carlos’s subject! He is, as of the last I heard, working at the Missions House. He also helps with things at Nueva Vida a few short blocks from there. Nueva Vida has become a huge part of Lynne and Glenn’s ministry.  

Carlos with my Amanda

Recently, I’ve also gotten to chat a bit with Carlos’s sister Perla. Perlas is in ministry schooling/training in Managua. I’ll tell you more about these beautiful young people later on.  🙂

Perla and I, 2 years ago. She went along through the local barrio as our interpreter and guide!

I love being able to keep in contact with these young people. It broke my heart into a gazillion pieces to leave that first visit. I’d spent most of my time in Nica at Esperanza, so I was able to see them almost every day. Their smiles and love have forever captured my heart. And their oft asked question “when are you coming back?” has been the overriding catalyst for my return. 

Watch out when you travel and spend time elsewhere, you’ll most likely leave your heart!