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Wow! What a difference a plane CAN make! Especially if you are Rolland and Heidi Baker and your life’s work is in the bush, the bush bush, or even the bush bush bush!! 

I was so enthralled with the pictures yesterday that I’d not gotten around to reading the newsletter. But I did today! So here I post the newsletter!

There’s amazing things happening! This newsletter really shows the cultural influence that Love of God being poured out on this people is having. AWESOME God!!


I just LOVE Heidi and Rolland Baker. These are the founders of IRIS Ministries. Home base is in Mozambique. I was introduce to this ministry when I visited a church in Harrisburg, Pa back in late 2003. I love the heart and soul of this couple. They love love love Jesus, and love love love people. I have the utmost respect for them. I couldn’t possibly say anything justifiably worthy to convey the depths of my heart. 

So instead, I’m just passing a link onto you! I’d just received the latest newsletter and immediately HAD to click on the link to the photo archive! The pics are always amazing and truly a picture can convey much more the words at time.

So, enjoy! And I hope you’ll take the time to check out the rest of the website, the newsletter link, more photos etc. And maybe even support as you can! Some day, this is one of the places I’m going to see in person!!


Bonnie loving on a little one!

It’s seems this blog thing is catching on quick! 

Bonnie now has her own blog too!! You can catch the link here, on the main page and also on ‘Bonnie’s Page’.  Her contact and support information can be found on both her Facebook ministry page and her NEW blog!

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