Pappa Glenn & Friends

One of the neat things about missions, is getting to spend time with people, loving on them, and them loving on you – having an impact. 

A big part of Mateo 5:16’s ministry is the children’s home – Casa Esperanza: House of Hope. The some of the faces change as young people and teens come and go, and often come back.  Yet there is this atmosphere that is unique to these grounds. You sense it the moment you step foot on the property. Today I’m thinking, like ‘duh’! you know what this is… HOPE.  Yes!

Part of that hope comes in the form of visiting missions teams and individual missionaries for slightly longer stays. Often teams stay at Casa Mateo Missions House a short drive in Jinotepe.  Several have stayed onsite at Esperanza. These are the ones who get the closest to these beautiful faces. But even the teams who come in daily or multiple times during their stay not only are a blessing but leave beautifully blessed. This was my personal experience 3 yrs ago on our first visit. I had the distinct pleasure of connecting to some of the youth, like the ones I wrote of in my last post. 

Today I’ve come to share some recent pictures Pastor Lynne sent my way to post. Many are of moments with the team in from DRCC (Damascus Road Community Church) from Maryland. As well, there’s a few of the preschoolers who attend the preschool onsite. Well… enough words… let’s get to the photos!

DRCC team leading worship

DRCC & La Quinta in worship

more worshipers

Worship takes on different forms than here… 🙂

Skits are a normal part of the ministry esp with missions teams!

Looks interesting!

: )

Always room for ministry. This part of the mission that visiting teams often move unexpectedly strong seeing miraculous and wonderous results!

Erica, house mother and others receive ministry

I have no idea!

just having fun!

Soccer is still the rage with the guys! (kid almost ALWAYS win!)

: )

beautiful faces!

A few of the teens who still dance!

The stickers were for WHO??

This is Erica, she is currently the house mother.

a precious site

The teacher for the preschool


Glenn poses with the preschoolers

Pastor Lynne just outside the church

Glenn loves these young people very much!

That’s about all for today. If you’re intrigued and want to see more, please feel free to visit my facebook mission page linked over on the right. There are gobs of photos from our last two trips as well as those Lynne and Bonnie (who you’ll hear about soon!) have sent me.  Enjoy!!!!