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The Faces of Nica - Take Two

A youngster who captured my attention, often.  Alone in a crowd, a solitary existence. He just stood on the outskirts of the event as if he didn’t fit in. How many of us could relate at one time or another…

Same boy, in another’s photo… as soon as I read the challenge, this little boy came to mind. Someone else took the photo, of me actually, but here he is in the background. It actually captures the solitary essence even better.


One of the Faces of Nica

A young girl in Nicaragua. This photo just gets my attention…

 Alrighty ya’ll!  The promised new Nueva Vida page is up and published! Even earned a new trick for photos and mistakes to go with it! Oh well. It’s up. Most updates on that info will be found here in the normal posts! 

Nueva Vida Christian Center page:


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