The Birthday Girl, Pastora Lynne Schweitzer!

Here she is ladies and gents! The Birthday Girl… at least for about another hour, Nicaragua time.  I sure wish I’d thought of this project a few days ago! But here we are now!  So lets grab some balloons, and put on our best party hats….

Samuel ready to celebrate

Eliette is ready to party!

Celebration friends having a blast with their new stuffed friends

Grab some friends and let’s get crazy…

Justo and Carlos @ La Quinta

Penguin on the keys… singing Happy Birthday…

WHAT??  Don’t give me that LOOK!

‘you can’t be serious!’

Oh yes! I am! Celebrating’s a serious thing!  So it’s time to smile…

Steve (my husband) & Perla @ La Quinta


Smile Lynne!

Yes Lynne, by all means grin it up with the rest of us…

Siblings, Perla & Carlos

Jonathan and Elvis @Nueva Vida

Bonnie behind bars! haha!

Sammy and Mandie smiling it up!

Come on ya’ll and help us out…

baby smiles!

Love ya Miss Lynne!

kids from Jinotepe.. some of the first visitors to Nueva Vida

Hail, Hail, the gangs all just about here…


We’d even climb a tree to let you know we love you….

Boys in the tree… wonder if it’s a mango tree!

So I guess it’s bout that time, to wave adios,

Mike waves!

And hope you had a very