So, finally, it’s time to get down to the fun part of this blog!

Unlike my main blog, this blog has one main focus – Nicaragua and promoting missions I ‘follow’. Missionaries accomplish more than most people know, and with the technology that we have available now to better communicate, it’s good to bring awareness so maybe some of these who live by faith (and oh what GIANT faith they have!) might find some unexpected support.

While I still have pages to build, and yes I’m working on the one promised, it’s these impromptu posts that I find fun.  Someone down in Nica is posting pics fairly often, whether it be by those in the ministry, or one of the youth, or even a missions team member. 

So, here I was just about to hop off Facebook when I saw that Bonnie posted a batch of new pics. First is a picture of Lynne being prayed for at one her birthday celebrations by her loving husband Glenn. 

Happy Birthday Lynne!!

This other picture is from the next celebration at La Quinta Esperanza with the children.  I don’t know most of these faces. Lynne told me there were new kids there. What precious sweet faces.  And these are ones I get to go love on for a bit in the near future!  Yay, I’m starting to really look forward to this. I’ve been getting ideas of things for us to do while I’m there. Nica… here I come, one way or another!!

La Quinta kids with Lynne