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This photo was taken by Bonnie Gill who’s is now a missionary to Nicaragua working with Mateo 5:16 Ministries. I just have been taken by this photo. To me, it just speaks volumes. 


So here we are with some photos from the every day lives in Nicaragua, even some in missions adventures there. Including vans that barely make it out of Managua, let alone all the way up over the mountains!

Finally saw “Tent City” in the center of Managua

Another portion of “Tent City”

It’s a good thing Pastor Glenn’s has an auto mechanic’s background. Even better that we brought another former ‘McGuyver’ type mechanic along too. NO Worries, rescue came and we chugged up the over the mountain at about 10 m /hr. Lots of time to pray, joke and be thankful for the goodness of God and take in the crazy vistas!



Paving the road in one of the barrios

Can you imagine? These concrete blocks are the same they uses for buildings and weigh like a ton.. around 100lbs? I forget.

Babies, Babies Everywhere

one of the ‘passed around babies’

Many of us could not help but note how these babies kept having a new one holding them, (including a couple of us) and the fact that it seemed it was ‘babies’ having babies.

 I love photos that are taken with most totally unaware. You catch them in their unguarded state. Candid shots often seem to really be the best. I think my son got this on the way back from their very rainy shopping trip, while I went on a trip into Managua to the airport and for supplies with Pastor Lynne – an adventure in it’s own right!

This is one sent to me recently, of a young man starting to make a bracelet. These are very common to find for sale in the local markets etc. Usually made out of sturdy and colorful ‘string’. 

I want to learn how to do this!

Lastly, this is an open air  church service in one of the barrios. The young adults in the picture took turns leading with the youngsters. While the pastor was there, services were run mostly by the young people of Quinta Esperanza & Iglesia Nuevo Amanacer (church on the grounds of La Quinta). One of these young ladies has been in ministry training both in El Salvador and for the past year Managua. Another is the new director at Esperanza, and hear doing a great job while finishing up her college studies! While the ministries at this barrio are now currently under another ministry, I just wanted you to see some of these beautiful ‘youth’ in action. 

Church at ‘Delores’

From behind ‘the stage’

On our last trip, our team finished up with a whole team (vs scattered to separate sites and functions) excursion to the barrios where a family associated with Ministerio Mateo 5:16 lives. It is also a barrio that one of the main pastors, Pastor Manuel, has been ministering in on a regular basis. This barrio is different than the others we’d been in, as it is part of a town vs being further out in the outskirts, and with mostly concrete homes vs what we would call shacks that are home to the people living on the edges of the dumps.

In the center of this neighborhood is a ‘park’. The structure in the background of this picture – the ‘far’ and provides natural perspective lines for photos there – which is full of young people here,  sits nearly in the center of the park. What this structure is, is still a mystery to me!

I thought it interesting, while looking through some of the old Nica pics for something that might suite this challenge, how often we take pictures with natural perspective lines. I used to love doing perspective drawings when I was back in school. I think we often, as in this photo, naturally get a perspective based picture while trying to capture ‘the bigger picture’ (angles) of a place or event.

Puppet team hard at work entertaining and ministering to a ‘captive’ audience

This second picture caught a portion of the audience, the puppeteers, and a portion of the homes in the barrio. What you can’t see, is the constant pile of children just behind this group, getting their faces painted by my daughter and her friend, since the kids on the end up there have now hidden them from view.

This is them in the last photo. I included this one because, though this might be stretching the challenge a little, it appears as if the perspective is coming toward vs going away towards, sort of a reverse perspective.

Daughter and friend at the face painting ‘station’ They were as much a hit as the puppets!! Though, in here, the ‘crowd’ is thinned out. They may have only been getting started at this point.

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