The Housekeepers Little One, 2 months premature

Introducing the newest ‘member’ of the Mateo 5:16 familia. He was in a bit of a hurry to come out to meet you all, so much so, that he skipped his due date by 2 months.  Please pray for this sweet bundle of joy.

Marta, the momma!

Meet Marta! This is the little one’s mommy. No, I’m sorry to say, I do not yet know this little guy’s name. But Marta happens to be Pastors Lynne and Glenn’s housekeeper and is a God-send, taking care of things and creatures (birds, dogs etc) while Pastor Lynne and Glenn are taking care of the ministry. Pictured with Marta is Pastor Glenn Schweitzer, who just loves to pray over people and give them a good prophecy now and again.

Welcome Little One!! I can’t wait to come meet you and love on you a little! (or alot!)

Newest addition to the Mateo 5:16 Family