Oh, at times, that really does seem like the truth.

One thing that that doesn’t change.. the beautiful smiles when they are loved on!

I remember when Contemporary Christian artist Kathy Troccoli had a song on the radio by the title, “Everything Changes”. It came out just as I was entering a season where that was the truth in my own life. In America, and the rest of the world, this is becoming a difficult truth to face. In Nicaragua, at least in the region I’m familiar with, that really does seem to be the norm.

Once again down there, things are changing. The ministry has learned to just go with the flow, and adjust and revamp when and as necessary. There have been many ups and downs, leaps forward and setbacks, great victories and great heart aches over the last few years. 

Pastor Lynne, Glenn and Bonnie were up in the states recently for a conference held by their covering ministry – made up of missionaries and ministries all over the world. Very cool. They had a nice time of refreshing, and regrouping; time to pray and hear God’s voice for new strategies and assignments.

One of those, is Pastor Bonnie’s heart to buy a property where she will live and minister out of. This is currently her main fundraising focus. Of course, she still needs some ongoing support. She’s been down there living by faith, as missionaries usually do. Anyone with a heart to help her in her efforts can do so by several options. http://www.gofundme.com/New-Life-in-Nicaragua – is a fundraising page and she has a couple other options listed on both her blogspot page (‘Bonnie’s Blogspot’ link found over in my Link Favs!) and her Facebook page, which you can also get to from my home page – “New Life in Nica” 

Seriously, there is always so much changing and evolving, even while growing down there. While working on my ‘changes’ and updates on here, I received an email with an ’emergency’ fund request – while working on the donations page! (published soon!) Crazy! At least $1500 is needed to pay staffing and some government fees, due to a slow down, in support and teams using Casa Mateo Missions House at the moment (that time of year…). I just heard from her again, with more clarification, and this really is an asap need!!

a celebration on the grounds of Nueva Vida!

As for my project desire for my trip down, coming up soon! I no sooner got that page published and posted, than I was told that a church was coming in December to pay for and help finish up the building project at La Quinta. Almost too funny, I just haven’t had the time to change the page, though I’ve had other ideas for the children of La Quinta, etc. I wanted to work on. But!! hahaha! Everything changes! That church is no longer taking this project on as the dynamics of the team coming have also changed! Sooo! I’m still praying and believing for the $5000 to get that finished up.

Which brings me to the changes at La Quinta Esperanza. Because of governmental stuff and a few other things, there are now currently only 4 residing at the home.. but this can change again overnight. Like Pastor Lynne said, there could be 20 there by the time I get there! They are seriously looking at revamping what the ministry ‘looks like’ at La Quinta, including more programs for the community children – who are all in great need – especially hope and lots of love!! But Esperanza means hope!!  The days ahead will be interesting. Now I have no clue what my time there looks like! But I know there are many I can’t wait to reconnect with and they are spread out over a bigger area now, and that’s ok. And there are SO many more news faces to meet! It will NOT be boring!

a visiting team recently with kids at La Quinta Esperanza