Mine – for this blog, this is pretty easy, just didn’t have the time to play this week. But these are some of the faces that are the main reason I’m trying to get back to Nicaragua. Funny how we get attached, which would be the point of the challenge. I can guarantee that just about everyone who’s ever spent any amount of time with these young people would claim some kind of “ownership”. I know they captured my heart the first time I went down, and after now more than 2 yrs… I can’t wait to see them all again..  Just a little sampling, and no, I did not take all these pictures.

2 brothers and one of their beautiful sisters… each of them at some point were translators for me! Hallelujah!

a very tender hearted young man!

Sisters after graduation 🙂

still praying for this young man

Pastors Lynne and Glenn, the founders of  Ministerio Mateo 5:16.  Now dear friends and spiritual parents!

The teens dancing for our team as a farewell the first trip in ’09

2010 The teens in dance ministry during church service!

The ‘team’ of the youth at La Quinta. Some were residents, some part of the church. All leaders in training. Loving, beautiful and I miss them!

Mine, Mine, Mine… really this sweet young lady is really mine!! and the Nica kids just loved her!