Last week, the topic for the weekly photo challenge was Big. What does big mean to you. One of the photos I thought of first for that challenge, I actually posted this week as a silhouette. 

I know this was too late for the photo challenge post, but I had to go hunting for the photos I had in my head. These are a collection of photos taken by multiple team members from our 2009 missions trip to Nicaragua. We took a trip to the volcanoes at Masaya. Oh yea.. and FYI, one of those craters is active!  And photo challenge or not, this was certainly one of the highlights of the trip, especially for the guys. It was also the one thing my husband, Steve, wanted most to see when he went, but we did not make the trip up the second trip. (And he didn’t even see the volcanoes from the hotel roof!)

Honestly, for me personally, this trip was a major God eye opening moment. The immensity of God, His creation and the raw power that was just underneath our feet and could take us out in a heart beat was just so real and larger than life. Literally, if you stood in one spot for more than a couple of minutes  it felt like the rubber under your shoes was going to melt. This power, aka molten lava, was the very thing that went to the core of the earth keeping the whole planet warm. NUTS!  As I stood in front of the active crater looking out over the land, I heard a portion of a worship song…”Did you feel the mountains tremble” hahaha. “Very funny God.. do you see where I am standing?” I said. Then I heard the  chorus to another song.. .”I want to burn for you Lord.. Fresh Fire”  OMG!!  Seriously??  Talk about perspective!. Humbling, very very humbling, bringing forth a new motivation for worship.

Speaking of perspective, that is how I tried to group these photos, so that you’d get the idea of just how big these craters are. I did not hike up to the second crater.. I was hot and didn’t even make it the whole way up to the cross. So I took the walk around the front of the volcano instead to have a few moments with God, taking it all in… but others did!!!


The Cross on top of the lookout on Mt Masaya, Nicaragua… on the way up the volcano

Just a click on a pic brings up the slideshow!  🙂