Almost out of time on this one! I had to go searching  this time. I knew what I wanted, but trying to find the right photos to portray what was in my memory bank took me longer. 

As soon as I read the challenge, this structure we saw in the middle of one of the barrios near Jinotepe immediately came to mind. It was in the middle of the park we were going to for ministry. The puppet team was planning on setting up in the park. This was not what we expected to find! But instead, they set up in the ‘street’ and ‘it’ ended up being like a set of bleachers for the show. 

Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it! But given the cultures of the Mayans and the Aztecs, I guess this shouldn’t be so far fetched. When I think geometry, I think lines, angles and most definitely, working with shapes. Those cultures most certainly knew their geometry!  🙂  

So the pictures are all of the same structure from a couple different views. Unfortunately, no one got a clear shot of the structure by itself, so you get a few cuties in the mix too. 

structure in the middle of the park in a barrio

Mike breaks the ice with the kids on a wall in front of this structure

Perhaps it’s a slide??? ouch

from another ‘side’