I’ve not had a whole lot to post on here lately. Things have still been changing. Today, right about now, after a nice long holiday time at home with family and friends, Bonnie is on her way back to Nica. Scheduled to arrive early tomorrow am. I know there are some smiling faces that will be greeting her with love and kisses in the next few days. I’m glad she got the opportunity to recharge a bit.

Pastor Glenn and Lynne will be returning back to my neck of the States to take care of a couple of matters (yay!) next month. Who knows.. I might even get to see them near my birthday! – which I just found out is the same day as Pastor Glenn’s! That’s pretty trippy. Yep, us, Elizabeth Taylor and some other dude who used to be famous.. Ralph Nader I think. There’s your little bit of trivia for the day.

Wouldn’t it be cool if I got a plane ticket for my birthday to go along on their return trip?? 🙂

One of these days!! I will by golly get back there.  🙂

Coming soon… Christmas photos.


Oh wow, and I almost forgot! I got to chat briefly with Nic Bilman from Shores of Grace after he and his team played at our church last night. It was on an early stop on their current ‘tour’ back here in the states. Had some great testimonies to share, especially in regards to their church planting in the streets of Brazil! And an extra bonus… Jonathan – who is the author of ‘Jonathan’s Blog’ and writes of the testimonies of Shores of Grace – I think I have a link on the home page here, was running the resource table last night, so I got to chat a tiny bit with him also. Very cool!