Ok… this was so supposed to be on my Nicaragua/Missions Blog. I have NO IDEA how it ended up on my other blog!


Hello, Hello, Hello – this is a misplaced post from my Mission’s blog. How it ended up here… I do not know! So, I’m just going to remodel it a bit and leave it here anyway. You can check out that blog @https://alifeinhishandsmissionpossible.wordpress.com/


So much has changed down in our part of Nica in the last year. So, this blog, like the ministries of Mateo 5:16 has been undergoing some remodeling and reconstruction. I’ve been waiting for my supplies before rebuilding (updates on changes!). Now that a bit of time has passed, and the ministry has switched a few gears, I have a bit more up-to-date info. Because of the depth of the changes, I find myself in need of an almost total reconstruction, or even possibly a demolition! This thought actually crossed my mind! But I’ve put hours and hours into this blog, especially in regards to learning…

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