My husband and I got to hang with the Schweitzers on Sunday, as well as a doctor freind of theirs. All three came to church with us. It turns out that this doctor lives on the other side of the river here, and had spent several months down at La Quinta, but was waylaid in returning by a very serious accident. She has a pretty cool testimony on that one!

It was nice to get to chat, catch up and clarify some information and have a nice lunch and even have a bit of a theological chat. Funny how we got there. I think it was a music/worship thing. lol. It’s always good to get to just sit and talk without a whole lot of interuptions or hectic schedules to work around.

And as of the moment, it looks like I’ll be getting back to Nica in the fall – obviously much later than I’d planned, but this will be with a team. Was a surprise to me! It didn’t surprise me that this spanish lady I knew would be going back, or even that she wanted to take a team (this will be at least her 4th trip in a year), but I did not expect her to announce that it would be in ‘our’ part of Nicaragua! So.. of course, I’m on board. πŸ™‚

Hopefully, she and I will be able to get together with Lynne and Glenn before they leave so that she can get a fuller picture on what this trip will look like. Nica Nica, here we come! πŸ™‚