Well, what can I say, but that my Daddy loves me! 2 days before my birthday (last week) I was able to take a trip down to Maryland to meet up with Lynne and Glenn again before they headed south. So what if the ‘excuse’ was an arranged meeting! Ha!

It was my honor and fun to take a spanish (latino) friend from church down to sit and get to know them a bit, in person. I pretty much knew that this exchange would happen back in the summer. But first this friend was on her way to Nicaragua with another church. This team included many people I know. What fun it is to share Nica stories! The ministry they’ve connected to is about 7 hours up the coast.

It was also a nice suprise at this meeting to get to meet Garrett, one of the Schweitzers’ grandsons. Nice young man.  🙂 It was a great afternoon all around. Yolanda had an important God encounter on the way. Then we left there to come back to Pa for a painting class. I’ve been processing that class for the week since.

I’m still looking forward to returning to Nica, but as it turns out, it wasn’t in my timing. But there’s a team that’s going to be put together to go down in the fall. Will update on that when things are settled. But hey! Nica – here I come!!  🙂

And now that I’ve a few more details filled in, I can get back to reconstructing this blog. Hopefully time for this will open up soon! 

Blessings! And thanks for coming along for the journey!