Hey! I just wanted to let you know I added (can you believe it?) a new page! Check out the link entitled ‘Mission Possible Decree’! If you had already received and update for this, forgive me for the repeat, I’m not sure what goes out to followers when pages are added or edited. But I do really want you to see this newer page – I was so encouraged to find it today AND receive the permission to share it here!! 

And I do apologize, this blog IS still under contruction, or should I say reconstruction, as I just noticed more edits I need to make to existing posts to bring things up to date with where things are currently in the ministry in Nica. 

Oh, and prayers please for Bonnie as she gets ready to head home to the states to do some funds and awareness raising for a couple of months. Prayers also for a handful of young people who miss her terribly when she’s not there!!! Big Daddy God hugs whenever they need it!