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Nicaragua from another set of eyes…

Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua

 “Nicaragua ain’t for sissies, but it’s got a lot of soul. Folks accustomed to life in the US need an incredibly adventurous spirit if they are to adjust to Nicaragua. Life is challenging here,  for everyone. If you’re from the US,  forget the creature comforts of home. But the reward is that one develops intimate relationships with the people and the land, and these will fill one’s heart forever” ~ Silvio Sirias

He’s right, you know. Nicaragua ain’t for sissies. When the water stops running just as you step in the shower or start a load of wash, the electricity blinks off near the end of your favorite movie,  and the lack of a reliable infrastructure rears its ugly head…

IMG_1705When the fiery dragon breathes down upon the land in March and April, and the only relief is to stick your head in the freezer, find a shade tree, go…

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Some of us don’t know how good we’ve got it…. 

folks paving their road ina a local barrio in Nicaragua , near Jinotepe I think. My husband caught this while he was wandering around.

folks paving their road ina a local barrio in Nicaragua , near Jinotepe I think. My husband caught this while he was wandering around.


Ok, I am a bit in shocked and so honored. One of the sweeties I follow on my other blog, nominated this blog for the WordPress Family Blog Award. This is the first time one of my blogs has been honored as such, so I’m quite new at how this works. I’m adding this post about this, because it’s not just mine, but the ministry in Nicaragua. So here ya go Pastors Lynne, Glenn and Bonnie of Mateo 5:16 Ministries (along with all the young leaders involved!!!) and even Iris Ministries in Mozambique, Africa and beyond, and Shores of Grace Ministries in Brazil. You all are the hands and feet of God to the ‘Least of These’!

So, on to the formalities. This is sort of fun, since much of this is just sharing the LOVE!!

1. Display the award logo on your blog – Ok.. It’ll be here somewhere, might be step #5 🙂

2. Link back to the person who nominated you: This young lady proves it’s not always age that makes you insightful and wise. She is an inspiration!

3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family.  This part concerned me. I wasn’t sure I even had 10 on my list. I don’t follow alot of people, because I just can’t keep up with all the awesome stuff that comes my way. But there are some amazing blogs out there yet to be discovered.

But here’s 10 for you to checkout: My nominations are

1. – LOVE the photos!! And she proves that photography is an art, with both her perspectives in photography and her creative edits.

2. – ha! this is actually a blog from the church I attend. I even have a couple of testimonies. I enjoy this one cause some of the stories of the Goodness of God are just out of the box!

3. Speaking of out of the box, here’s – which of course has a big ‘pull’ due to the fact that they pulled up stakes in the U. S. and landed in NICARAGUA. I love scrolling down the reader and seeing a picture that immediately grabs my attention towards Nica, just to find it’s one of theirs. Check them out and great things they’ve got going there.

4. A fairly new blog which I discovered when she started following on my blogs and I recognized the name of her photography biz…  Awesome woman of God who always has a dozen irons in the fire and still manages to accomplish it all with grace, joy and excellence!!

5. One of the first I followed because one of the breath taking photos caught my attention.  I love how the beauty of God’s creation is caught and makes me want to dive into the picture.. over and over again.

6. – Imelda – cause she’s just such an encouragement, from the pictures to the poetry to her uplifting smile and comments.

7. – A true Witness, by her life lived. She is an inspiration and one who reveals the fruit of perseverance and endurance through the hardest of circumstances. A gifted writer as well. 🙂

8. – another one who just inspires through being real by being herself!

9. – a fellow and avid Photo Challenge participant. Some how looking a life through the lense of a retired traveler drew my attention. He posts some terrific photos, and seems ‘like’ every challenge post I put up and more. And I’m honored that he’s been going back into the archives to read my old posts from this year of blogging. (Wow.. my first anniversary is coming up quick!) It’s really encouraging when someone keep liking stuff, especially when they might be the only one. 🙂

10. Wow.. I have more than I thought. So just picking one suddenly got tougher. But Last but NOT least is  I don’t get to read everything he posts  (I just can’t live on the there is a lot there for inspiration and information. I think somehow though, I’m just captured by those “Red Letters”. Seems I’ve just always, since I was a kid, a golden guilded and Red Letter gal. Pretty sure I ALWAYS will be.

Kudos to all of you for being an inspiration by who you are and sharing yourselves with the world!!

4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them.

5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people who have taken you as  a friend, and spread the love. Yep, now it’s your turn!

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