I got a bit behind in posting photos for the challenge, for while I have a phone (a cheapy) with a camera, getting pictures off of it seems to be a ridiculous challenge. But hey, I’m back! haha. This is a bit late, since I spent too much time for the other blog, but I’m still getting it in under the wire. And actually, I did not take a single one of these photos this posting; the first 3 were from someone on a team or on staff; the hotel lobby shot was my son testing out his new camera, the last one my daughter took when she was bored – of a display panel I was putting together at church using items from Nicaragua. I will use, often, photos that have been shared with me on this blog as it also has been getting used for an information site by the ministry. [I have more time to play with the photos and stuff!) Enjoy! 🙂