It's me! So, no, I'm not the photographer!

It’s me! So, no, I’m not the photographer!

So now that I can say it out loud after having a couple of pertinent conversations, It’s Official!  

I’m now beginning the process of taking a team down to Nicaragua in the fall. My ‘next step’ is to write a vision to give to the pastor before presenting to the church.  I’ve never been very good at this, but as I sat in the sanctuary Tuesday afternoon during the time of soaking, once I had the main pieces written down, I could begin to ‘organize’ the information. I was very surprised by how easily it just flowed. So much so that I am only 1/2 or so through it, but I wrote two pages worth before I ran out of time and had to leave to pick up an offspring from work.  

I had the opportunity Monday evening to talk with both Pastor Lynne and Glenn about where things were at, their heart on where they were hoping things to head, and at least a few personal needs for several. I had a lot of peace about this trip after this conversation. I was able to share what little bit I already had brewing in my heart and it was received well. I will finish the vision hopefully before the weekend is out so that I that I can deliver it to the pastor at church for his input and/or go ahead. It’ll already be a busy weekend, but I think I can find a quiet spot where I’ll be able to let it flow again. 

And so it begins.. again!! I really hesitated my next trip down to be heading up a team.. oh pray! But the ball is now rolling, and here ya’ll get to be part of the journey! This is what this blog was originally set up for, we just had a couple of detours and delays. I’ll try my best to keep you updated along the way!

Welcome to the ride!