Wow… I did it! I finally got the vision written and typed for the pastor’s review for taking a team down to Nicaragua! 

Maybe this doesn’t sound like a big deal, but for me, it was another round of stretching. I don’t know why, but I seem to always get stuck when doing something like this… I guess attempting to formally putting on paper the vision given for a project or program. Envisioning is easy. Jotting down ideas and plans, easy. Oy, but putting it together in some sort of formal format for another’s perusal and approval… WALL! 

But, step One is finish! Written, proofread (but oh I was tired), typed, multiple prints collated and stapled; ready to take and hand to the pastor and a couple of key people. 

Step Two: Await approval! Pending approval it will be on to Step Three: putting together a presentation for the congregation to get this ball rolling. Now, I wonder why Step Three seems soo much easier to accomplish than Step One? I don’t know! It will involve more work and getting up in front of people and a couple of other things, but no Yes.. I do believe, this project is going to be a one step at a time kind of deal. Too big to do other otherwise!

For now… hand in vision and wait for the go ahead.   🙂