Alrighty! Step 2 has been accomplished – the pastoral ok to proceed!

This of course – albeit a bit to my surprise and another small stretching place – leads to a new assignment which is Step 3. 

Step 3 is to make up a calendar: prospective dates for deadlines, meetings etc. 

Some of this I’ve already started writing in my head. But there are a couple of conversations to be had, and maybe a little research to be done, so blowing on through this assignment so that I can finally open this up to bring a team on board, may take a tad bit longer than I’d like. Again… not my area of expertise. I have the feeling that God’s trying to teach me something. First, for years it was a learn to be led by the Spirit and go with the flow and be flexible journey. Now it seems to be back to planning. (Oh won’t my personality A-type friends be happy with me!)

So, in preparation, last night I printed the calendars to work with. A few weeks ago, Pastor Lynne sent me an email with information, including new deadlines set in place on their end of the planning. Guess I’ll start with some of this, and some of what I remember from the past trips. Pray for me! I’d really like to hand this to the Pastor on Sunday and hopefully put out an invite the next one.. time is moving! 

Perla and I, last year. She went along through the local barrio as our interpreter and guide!

Perla and I, on my last trip.  She went along through the local barrio as our interpreter and guide! Perla just flew off to her own 6 mnth missions assignment!