Well, I’ve not been posting much here as of late. 

Yes, that would also mean that I hit a stall on the trip.

But!! Yay, God!

I’ve now had two vital conversations. One, I had put off a bit, but it went well. 🙂

The other, well, I needed to wait till she got back from her trip to Kenya! She’s back and now re-acclimating to US life. Not so easy when your heart is lingering in a place so far away.

Honestly, literally the day or two before we had this other chat, I was ready to hang it up. Not giving up going to Nica – actually I’ve received a second invite!! This time for a graduation! Totally surprised! But taking a team, seemed to be greatly in question. It’s hard sometimes picking up someone else’s vision, and then attempt to carry it through.

Though I think making it mine, was a transition that I completed fairly easy, but still… the heart had waned in the last couple of months. Once you lose the heart to do something, it pretty much becomes an impossible feat to accomplish. If something becomes a chore.. oh boy, I’m pretty much done. And there have been a few constraints to try to work around in the midst of the planning of when.

But Danielle showed up at the church the other night while I was trying to take pictures for the weekly photo challenge. We talked for almost 2 hours. She has the heart to listen, and she has the heart to go to Nica. She has the heart to catch the dream and to dare to dream with me. This heart to heart talk sparked a new hope that we can get this done, and pretty much in the same time frame, even though now we have much less time to get everything in order.

So, we’ll meet next week, go over what she has from her trip that can be used for this one, and put together the timeline for this trip so I can turn it in and get to next steps, which hopefully will be to present to the church so we can complete the team.  Oh yeah, she’s going to help lead, which is an answer to a prayer! A big one, actually!  🙂  It’s helpful on your first international trip leading, to have someone around who’s already been there done that!

So… it’s time to dream again, and get this show back on the road!!