A new day dawns

On this journey, I’m finding that momentum can be a very good thing, and not so good. Like, I see I lost a bit of momentum in the writing here. I didn’t realize I’d not posted on the journey for almost 2 weeks. Momentum can carry you through, and keep you moving. Momentum can sweep you away like a runaway train. Oy. 

After the last post, after the ad went out and the items at hand accomplished, suddenly there was silence. Danielle went on vacation with family for her husband’s birthday. I was quite tired from the flurry of activity and sort of zombied out here a bit. Then we found out some of the silence was not a good thing.

First there was the newspaper ad. I messed up her contact no. But when I went to find the original email sent to the paper, it was no where to be found. Fortunately I sent Danielle a copy, so I could copy/paste, correct and send again. grrr. Then, we find out that the travel agent she’s been using to look into tickets, hasn’t been getting the vital information email that was sent, and re-sent and had to be re-sent yet again. Nuts! There’s more.. but we’ll let it sit.

So to catch things up to now. I stayed up late Saturday night getting together the info needed for the first team meeting. The one where the applications were being turned in with their deposits and we’d know who was going with us. As I thought this week about what all we needed them to know, I just kept drawing blanks, and she really didn’t have anything either. Then when I sat down to put together the agenda for the meeting, it was 3 hours of non-stop flow. 

I put in order the information for the when, where and how, general information about the Mateo 5:16, and how our vision fit in with theirs. I pulled together the resource books we decided to make available. Etc, Etc, Etc. Yesterday, after church, I grabbed the photo boards, the sign up sheets for the fundraiser and intercessors and took them up to the meeting room and set things up. After a quick run for coffee and a bit to eat, I wrestled with the copy machine, and made copies for a fairly small meeting.

One of the wild things about this trip, has been the 11s. For several years, I’ve seen 10:10, 11:11, 12:12, as well as the 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, and once in a blue moon 777 and 888.  But mostly, with crazy regularity the 11:11. So, when we realize that we’re to go in November, and the first meeting was set on the 11th (I really felt it needed to be then without knowing why), then that the dates numerically write out 11/1 – 11/11, suddenly, He had my attention. We’ve been seeing them a lot more since. Like, my house number is 11. Pastors Glenn and Lynne’s house number is 11. We keep having scripture come across our path, usually from the 11th chapter, like Hebrews 11:1, Mark 11:24 and Deuteronomy 11:11. That last one so fits Nicaragua I was shocked! Hebrews 11:1 is the faith verse from the faith chapter and the Hall of Faith, and it’s very much turning into a faith walk. More than I saw coming. 

11 is also a number of transition and crossing over into something. It’s the 11th year since I had my ‘burning bush’ call, which has still not come to fruition, as not all the pieces shown have fallen into place yet – yet so much more has been added. It’s also been 11 yrs since right after that encounter, the enemy pulled a devastating counter move that shattered almost everything. It began as an absolute nightmare, one that there is still healing and restoration being wrought from. Turns out, in the past couple of years, that the 11th of a month, or even the 11th month, have been some of my hardest days, and some of my most glorious.

All this 11 revelation became a catalyst for momentum. Yesterday was the 11th. I was one of THOSE days. One I did not quite expect to go as it did. One, where once again, there seem to be more stops than starts, more hurdles than not. And answers yet to be had, or understood. And once again, the momentum has halted, and it feels like a very strange place, and I really am not sure where to step next. But He asked me if I trusted Him, and to be still. Sometimes that be still is hard. Today, it seems more like a safe place. I think I’ll go with it. 

I will await the phone call with answers to a couple of questions lingering, and then we’ll go from there. In the meantime, it’s be still, and lower still, and trust that He has all in hand, even when it doesn’t look like it. By faith, Danielle and I are going to Nicaragua. By faith we are going to believe that what we pray for we have and that which we do not yet see we shall soon see.  

Next steps, once we are moving on again, working on getting word out about the fundraiser – and praying in the plane fare. Oh, and I forgot… our first donation came in a couple of weeks ago… a check in the amt of $11.11.  :O)

Till the next step…