Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!!!

About this time tomorrow… I’ll be heading out my door and won’t be back for 25 days!!!!

Here’s one of the precious youngsters I’ll soon get to meet and spend some time with! She is one of the few that live with the Schweitzers…



Sorry to have not done well at keep you all updated in the journey process. This has been a whirlwind, a flurry of activity, and having time to sit and edit photos, and write, I’ve just not had. 

But here’s a few more photos Pastor Lynne sent me the other day…

La Boquita... :)

La Boquita… 🙂


And here’s one of the places we’ll visit… that’ll make Jo a happy camper!

A view from further to the left of the crater from the lookout.

Want a perspective of the size? Look for the person walking near the wall!!


This was taken on the 2009 trip. This is but only a portion of the crater!!! Looking at it again, even now, I’m stunned by all the different layers and formations of rock that you can see here. I guess I assume that there would be nothing but hard black lava everywhere… like you can see at the top of the crater. This is Mt Masaya, which is an active volcano…