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It´s a new day! I got the chance to do something I´ve wanted to do for years. Pastor Glenn and I pretty much raided the music store over in Diriamba. Just some rather small but necessary items and a couple of not necessarily needed like a recorder (flute) and a set of percussion eggs. Fun all the same. And now the keyboard for the restart of El Shaddai – the primarily English speaking church – is hooked up to the system.. but oy… we walked away with out the mic stand!! 

The room is getting set up a bit more.. yeah. Cords running everywhere are now somewhat contained. And the sound system tweeked a bit so that no one´s ears are blown out!! Now to work on an altar area…. 

Well off to my room to continue with what I´d started this morning… a good teaching and a sketch for an idea for Lynne then some study and prayer time. Pappa Glenn so kindly brought the Strong´s and another bible with a good concordance… 

Hasta Luego!


It´s been awhile since I´ve written, I know!! But I´m here in Nicaragua!! My interenet access had been quite limited.. but now that the missions house computer is repaired, I´ll have a bit more of a chance to write.

It´s been a busy trip already, and yet laid back. The girls were dropped of at the airport in Nicaragua early this morning, and should be in Atlanta by now having a nice lunch.

Since returning from Managua this morning, I´ve spent time on learning some spanish, I´ll get it someday!!! And I spent sometime in the piano room working on some worship songs for later in the week. I need to access a few more lively upbeat songs! Nicaraguans are not laid back worshippers!! We were reminded of this the other evening when we checked out a revival service being held be several who are /were staying @Casa Mateo too.. Haha.. little did we know until we got there that the gentleman in the room next to ours was a firey evangelist!!

I´m sitting here waiting for lunch, which should soon be ready. There´s a luncheon in progress in the conference room today. After lunch, I think it´s time for a short siesta! 3:30 came very early this morning! I was quite surprised when I walked into my room a bit ago.. It was like walking into a totally new room!! Maria spoils me!!! They removed the extra twin bed that I´ve been sleeping on, and replaced it with a rocking chair!! Last week she put a lamp in the room that wasn´t originally there. Today, she even took away my two half filled bottles of water and replaced them with two new ones!! I knew I was slated for some quiet time this week.. but wow! I¨m going to do it in extra comfort and delight… and here comes lunch!!

Hasta luego!!

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