Justo, who let me know, that I am NOT to forget that I have a SON in Nica!

Justo, who let me know, that I am NOT to forget that I have a SON in Nica!

Hi! This is my ministry/missions blog! I’ve now expanded!

My original blog site is over at http://alifeinhishands.wordpress.com.

I’m on my way to 52 and will have been married for 29 yrs this coming January.  I gave birth to two boys and two girls, now all officially being adults (with one a senior). I have a granddaughter going on 6 yrs and who knows, may have a couple of grandsons in the future if their momma marries my oldest son.

If you look to the right you will see my Mission Possible! Nicaragua FB page. This was started in 2010 when 3/4 of my family were part of a team returning to Nicaragua for a missions trip. It was my daughter’s and my second trip down. We added the oldest Bro and Dad the second time around to most of the crew who’d been down the year before with us. I’d started the page to generate some attention, and nothing speaks louder than pictures. People like seeing where their generosity is making a difference.  So, I used this to update people and team members and we posted pictures from both trips.

When the church we were a part of was closed, I changed the page from a team/church page to a personal page. Here I can support and pass along information and pictures from other ministries, in a addition to the ministry in Nicaragua we’ve been a part of.  I loved Nicaragua, and have become close to Lynne and Glenn Schweitzer, the pastors of that ministry – Mateo 5:16 (Matthew 5:16) It’s like a match made in heaven in a way, as God gave me that verse just about 10 years ago, and here it is the basis for their ministry.

I’ve been a Christian for as long as I can remember, and oh, that goes back a very very long way! I’m mostly involve with worship, in one manner or another these days.  Some of that has been at the church we attend, and some of it is as an itinerant worship leader and the like. God is up to something amazing! I hope you’re in the flow as well!

I just recently returned from a 3 1/2 week trip to Nicaragua, the first 11 days of which were part of a team. Just about everything there has changed since our last trip down. But it was a good trip, and oh, when can I go back??

Currently, this site is somewhat ‘under reconstruction’ (hmm, funny, that’s most of what my husband does for a living!), as my own life and life’s purpose seems to go under some re-defining and refining as well.

Blessings to you!