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You can’t ride on yesterday’s ‘high’

And you can’t depend on this morning’s anointing tomorrow


Manna was given on a daily basis, with the exception of the weekends. If they gathered any more than needed for that day’s portion, it rotted.

‘Moral of the story’? We need daily communion with God! 🙂


“Just Worship Me”

That’s what I heard that morning.

It wasn’t about journaling or reading or studying, or even praying. It was a time HE wanted me JUST to commune with Him through worship.

Worship, takes my focus off of me and my stuff, or others and their stuff. Worship takes my focus back to Him, and into His Presence. 

In His Presence – everything is seen differently, or fades away – unimportant. Rest is found, Clarity is given, Peace is restored. 

Sometimes, we just need to STOP, Drop and Worship; and watch the rest come into alignment as we become realigned. Sometimes, 5 minutes, is all we need to turn everything around, from chaos to sanity…  

‘The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

He makes me to lie down in green pastures

and leads me beside the still waters,

He restores my soul.” 

Psalm 23:1-3:a

Sitting on the rooftop of Casa Mateo, which sits high enough to see most, if not all of Jinotope, and on a very clear day, it turns out… to the ocean. With birds flying about, starlit nights, sunrises and sunsets, volcanoes and mountain ranges and so much more, the roof top is a great place to sit and have hang time with God.

This category will include some of the little gems found up there…and beyond


zoomed in a bit... volcanoes 'beyond' the clouds.. those are not shadows, but volcano peaks!

zoomed in a bit… volcanoes ‘beyond’ the clouds.. those are not shadows, but volcano peaks!

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