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Still don’t have time to sit and write what I’d like to update the trip journey… but here’s a collection of photos Pastor Lynne shared awhile ago, that I’ve still not gotten up. A visiting team, ministering to the neighboring children @La Quinta Esperanza.

Next week…. Casa Mateo Missions House.. where we’ll be staying.

Current focus.. getting ready for this week’s art show fundraiser!!



All the children love to come when teams show up. I love the joy of the children coming into La Quinta in great anticipation

All the children love to come when teams show up. I love the joy of the children coming into La Quinta in great anticipation

Teams come in, help with worship, children's church, VBS and just play.

Teams come in, help with worship, children’s church, VBS and just play.


They love to be loved! Which is why Hug A Child is the name of the main ministry of Mateo 5:16

They love to be loved! Which is why Hug A Child is the name of the main ministry of Mateo 5:16


Evan hanging out with Orlando.. connecting through music...

Evan hanging out with Orlando.. connecting through music…

This was fun… we were on a short break inside the church, maybe even having lunch, when I looked up and saw Evan from our team, hanging out with Orlando, one of the young people living at La Quinta. It was a beautiful exchange. Photo not the greatest.. but not too bad for a disposable, and through screens and iron works.


Just thought I’d throw out a quick update on this mission trip journey. 

I was a bit down last week, and a bit off ‘balance’ after being thrown the curve ball of a team of 2, when most of what we’ve been looking to do would need at least a few of us. Curve ball #2 came with the proposed airline itineraries  which for some unknown reason, neither of us really had much peace with. But God is faithful!

On the way out of the church last weekend were the words ‘Do you trust Me?’ and “Be Still”. Then after looking into tickets to fly, and the new cost breakdowns, things started looking pretty grim – but the I heard – “Wait on Me”. That was new. But with it was  again a sense of Peace in the waiting in the unknown. It was if I had the gentle assurance that there was more in the works that just hadn’t been revealed yet. Then came yesterday!

After dropping my kiddo off at work, we arrived at church with a couple checking out the information table (Yay!), looking for the fundraiser information for next weekend. We’ve had such a slow start to all of this, as if things moving through mud. But in that time between the services, we had several conversations, including the questions “how many cakes do you want her to bake”, “We do pulled pork, how much do you think we should make”. We gained at least one more intercessor, and suddenly found out that the first intercessor on the sign up did not intend to sign up for prayer. 

Actually, she was signing up to go on the trip!  Ha! and one more makes 3!!! I can’t tell you the relief, nor the other reactions that came flooding at that moment. First, if we do any ministry, she’s perfect! She’s already doing that in the city. Second, she ended up helping me with the music part (or should we say the fun motions) of VBS this summer and the kids loved her. Third, gotta love this! – she’s been helping out with the youth gatherings on Wednesday nights!!! She’s very much out of the box, and I can guarantee you, not what you’d expect a missionary to look like, but my goodness, I knew  immediately that she was going to be a perfect fit, and that the things I was contemplating laying aside to do down there, were instantly back on. 

Following God’s voice, His directions and His leading, are NEVER the wrong thing to do! It actually simplifies the process. I wonder what He has in the works next! This really has been a Hebrews 11:1 faith walk,, and we’ve just gotten started! We walk by faith, and not by sight – another verse that’s been layered into the scheme of things. 

What’s next? Danielle and I need to have a conversation to iron out the details for this weekend such as who’s supposed to do what, where food is coming from, who might be helping, etc. I never expected a team of two to be trying to pull this off. (Thank God for her family!!) Unfortunately, Jo works that weekend, so she won’t be able to help. Then I need to get through the things here to pull items together for the sale, included some projects I’ve been working on that need finishing. Then I need to find some time to bake! Oh, and I need to make some signs/posters to get hung up in the area. 

And we need to revamp the meeting schedule to keep our newest team member in the loop, since her work schedule seems to be running opposite of ours. We need to fill in the gaps for her, and together we need to agree on what our fundraising goals will be, in addition to just getting there, having a place to sleep and eat, transportation to here and there and interpreters, and what else we might need to actually execute the hopes and plans that we want to accomplish while there.  Much to do, and so little time to do it!  All prayers appreciated!! 

Till the next steps…

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