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Howdy Folks…. 

I hope you are all having a great Christmas season. I pray your hearts are full of joy and hope. I pray the eyes of your hearts are being enlightened to all that the Lord is and has for you, and that you are learning to dream the dreams that destinies are made of.

I’ve been pretty busy trying to get things caught up at home, etc. So, obviously I’ve not been to the blogs much. 

But I was looking at this here this evening, and given many changes that have occurred since I started this project, I believe I’m going to nearly totally revamp it. I’m not sure what that looks like yet… but stay tuned, if you’re interested, and we’ll see where it all goes. First change it looks like, will be to change the subtitle, to read “A Life in His Hands in Missions and Ministry”. 

It’s been made clear, by many prophecies and more, that Nicaragua is NOT my last stop. The one thing I was surprised by this trip though, after taking more than 3 years to make this missions trip, was that by Divine Design, this was more along the lines of a ministry trip vs what most of us would equate as a missions trip. And I truly have the growing notion, that this may be but the first of many of these types of trips. So, not only do I need to rethink a blog, I need to re-look at and rethink what some things might look like in the future. Could be an Adventure!

You’re more than welcome to stick around for the journey!



Thursday is coming quickly!!!  Still much to do!!!!! And hopefully not too many more obstacles in the way!!  Wow! We’re almost there!!

From my last trip. Had to prove that you really could see this huge volcano from the rooftop of the hotel in Jinotepe, Nicaragua…

Volanco Collage

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