This past fall, I went to a women’s conference in Maryland, held at a friend’s church. Here, I was introduced to Tracee Anne Loosle, a minister I’d actually seen before, but was not aware of. Almost ironically, I’d seen her in what is now our home church. She’s in close relationship with the Billmans in Brazil – Shores of Grace Ministries – who’s link you can find on my home page! Long story short, I just connected with her this week and I was looking at the website for her ministry – Intrepid Heart Ministries (link below and  soon to be added to the favorites), and found an article, what she called a vignette, entitled… “Mission Possible Decree”. With a Facebook page and this blog with Mission Possible! as their foundations, I just HAD to check it out. Then I asked permission to share with you. 

God gives her poetry, prayers, decrees, songs and more straight from His heart to minister to those who are in need of Him. They are powerful and touch the heart with His Love, Truth, Grace and Healing. This decree that I’m posting really does touch the foundations of my choosing ‘Mission Possible!’ for my pages. When I first started the FB page, I was part of a team returning to Nicaragua in the midst of a whole lot of turmoil and chaos that had begun to swirl around us. But ALL things ARE possible to those who believe, for with HIM all things Are POSSIBLE. And you all know I’ve been trying to return yet again to Nica, and though there have been more than plenty hindrances, I will get there and many other places as well before I am finished!! So, now I pray you’ll pick up your God Dreams, Visions, Callings, Destinies, Hopes and Prayers and be encouraged as you read, pray and decree – “Mission Possible!”

Mission Possible Decree
Tracee Anne Loosle
October 17, 2011

With God, ALL things are possible!

Therefore no doubt, fear, insecurity or unbelief can dwell in this place or in us.

What man says is impossible, with my God is possible.

God does not send out us out to fail, but empowers us and clothes us with His dunamis, miraculous power.

With God ALL things are possible!

We are part of a company of people assigned to Mission Possible!

We believe what God puts in our hearts to pray, say, decree is possible and we receive it!

We believe that what He reveals to us in heaven is what He wants to release through us on earth.

Obstacles and walls are removed by the faith rising up inside of us.

This faith is fueled with Christ’s fullness and His grace for grace.

Grace, Grace releases His mighty possibilities.

Nothing can stand in our way.

For God is for us!

No one, no thing, no enemy or scheme can stand against us!

For God gives us all we need to fulfill our mission!

With God it is Mission Possible!

And looking at them Jesus said to them,

“With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

May all the possibilities of heaven be released to you!

Blessings in Christ,
Tracee Anne Loosle