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Sitting on the rooftop of Casa Mateo, which sits high enough to see most, if not all of Jinotope, and on a very clear day, it turns out… to the ocean. With birds flying about, starlit nights, sunrises and sunsets, volcanoes and mountain ranges and so much more, the roof top is a great place to sit and have hang time with God.

This category will include some of the little gems found up there…and beyond


zoomed in a bit... volcanoes 'beyond' the clouds.. those are not shadows, but volcano peaks!

zoomed in a bit… volcanoes ‘beyond’ the clouds.. those are not shadows, but volcano peaks!


Howdy Folks…. 

I hope you are all having a great Christmas season. I pray your hearts are full of joy and hope. I pray the eyes of your hearts are being enlightened to all that the Lord is and has for you, and that you are learning to dream the dreams that destinies are made of.

I’ve been pretty busy trying to get things caught up at home, etc. So, obviously I’ve not been to the blogs much. 

But I was looking at this here this evening, and given many changes that have occurred since I started this project, I believe I’m going to nearly totally revamp it. I’m not sure what that looks like yet… but stay tuned, if you’re interested, and we’ll see where it all goes. First change it looks like, will be to change the subtitle, to read “A Life in His Hands in Missions and Ministry”. 

It’s been made clear, by many prophecies and more, that Nicaragua is NOT my last stop. The one thing I was surprised by this trip though, after taking more than 3 years to make this missions trip, was that by Divine Design, this was more along the lines of a ministry trip vs what most of us would equate as a missions trip. And I truly have the growing notion, that this may be but the first of many of these types of trips. So, not only do I need to rethink a blog, I need to re-look at and rethink what some things might look like in the future. Could be an Adventure!

You’re more than welcome to stick around for the journey!


That sure was quick.  About this time 1 week ago I was climbing into my own bed after a very long day of travel, a stop on the way from the airport, a bit of dinner and hello to the young-ins.

1 week at home already.  After 3 months of a whirlwind of preparations, 25 days just came and went, way too quickly.

There is still much for me to process; still collecting my thoughts. I still have a project to work on for down there, which thanks to technologies I can actually do from here. But… thanks to those technologies, I see the photos, and have already had contact with a few of the young people there, and oooooooh I just really miss them already.

This trip was different than the others. There was more time to connect, and become a part of something. Not just the ministries, but the flow of life there. It’s amazing just how quickly we humans can adapt to our surroundings and weave ourselves into the fabric.

Disengaging – not so easy. Oh, so not easy, or even desirable, though necessary. Oddly enough, try as I did to ‘let go’, the longer this week has gone, the more I’m missing everyone, and the routines and flows of the days. Just taking walks into the market on any given day could be an adventure.

But now, especially since Thanksgiving is over and the left overs are about gone, it really is time to re-engage here. But nothing seems normal, nor is there really a desire for it to be. Sometimes the change of perspective is good, and we don’t want to lose it – it’s like losing a part of yourself that is new and precious. Don’t want to return to the same old, same old. What would be the point then?

It really does sound like a cliche, but we go on these trips with every intention of being a blessing, just to come back with so much more than we ever took with us to begin with…

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