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It´s a new day! I got the chance to do something I´ve wanted to do for years. Pastor Glenn and I pretty much raided the music store over in Diriamba. Just some rather small but necessary items and a couple of not necessarily needed like a recorder (flute) and a set of percussion eggs. Fun all the same. And now the keyboard for the restart of El Shaddai – the primarily English speaking church – is hooked up to the system.. but oy… we walked away with out the mic stand!! 

The room is getting set up a bit more.. yeah. Cords running everywhere are now somewhat contained. And the sound system tweeked a bit so that no one´s ears are blown out!! Now to work on an altar area…. 

Well off to my room to continue with what I´d started this morning… a good teaching and a sketch for an idea for Lynne then some study and prayer time. Pappa Glenn so kindly brought the Strong´s and another bible with a good concordance… 

Hasta Luego!


Still don’t have time to sit and write what I’d like to update the trip journey… but here’s a collection of photos Pastor Lynne shared awhile ago, that I’ve still not gotten up. A visiting team, ministering to the neighboring children @La Quinta Esperanza.

Next week…. Casa Mateo Missions House.. where we’ll be staying.

Current focus.. getting ready for this week’s art show fundraiser!!



All the children love to come when teams show up. I love the joy of the children coming into La Quinta in great anticipation

All the children love to come when teams show up. I love the joy of the children coming into La Quinta in great anticipation

Teams come in, help with worship, children's church, VBS and just play.

Teams come in, help with worship, children’s church, VBS and just play.


They love to be loved! Which is why Hug A Child is the name of the main ministry of Mateo 5:16

They love to be loved! Which is why Hug A Child is the name of the main ministry of Mateo 5:16


I just re-read my last post, just to see where I left things last.

Well! I can tell you that since I wrote that, it’s been a whirlwind!!

I had my meeting early this week. Actually to back track, I think it started with church on Sunday… all weekend we watched as God turned so much around for many of us. I left church on such a high! Then I met with Danielle on Monday while my daughter was at work. OH MY! How fast 4 hours can just fly by!!

We connected more, though we didn’t get a whole lot of work done, but with her input and brainstorming, we got the calendar done. She’s more organized than I am. I’m more the go with the flow person – come to think of it, I had to learn that! Drives some people nuts! But, anyhow, we get along well, and she has picked up the vision, has a better understanding of Mateo 5:16 and their ministry and what they’ve been through to get them where they are now. Because of this, she’s also entered into the vision and is willing and able to dream with me, not just go along with my heart’s desire. COOL!

Well I’ve got to tell you, we might not have gotten a lot of work done that day, but the loads that we’ve accomplished since then is crazy! So, since you’ve come along on the journey here’s the low-down.

I took the calendar home to make a good copy for Pastor, with the intention to hand in the next day, which didn’t occur till Thursday. Danielle in the mean time, began looking for a bit of info needed, and worked up our information sheet. When I was done with the calendar, I began work on an application/personal information packet. We got a meeting set up with the pastor on Thursday, gave him the calendar – which we went through and answered his questions. We had already placed a few fundraisers dates and ideas on the calendar as well as my return date which is different than the team’s.

Ha! We also handed him both the info packet and the application for his input and approval and the request to present on SUNDAY! Because time is running out, we need to get a team in place quick! We got the go ahead nod for both the presentation and moving forward. So, now we’ve been working on being ready for tomorrow, including document revisions and copies made, and a last moment thought of Date’s list to include in the info packet done and sent in time to be printed. I plotted out the video while trying to go back to sleep early yesterday am, then got up to get it on paper so I wouldn’t have to start completely over.

I pulled up a video ‘producing’ site which my daughter had introduced me to which we had used for the last trips and paid a small fee to start using it. You can do a 30 sec for free, but yikes, that was not going to work this time! I was not going to start working on this part until I had gotten some home tasks accomplished, but once on a creative roll.. it’s hard to pull back. I will be getting back to the video in a bit after I do those few demanding tasks. I just wanted to fill ya’ll in, since I’ve not had the time or energy left to do so before this!

This really is only a brief overview. It by far does not cover all the little and not so little decisions that were made along the way, nor the research that was needed to go into making those decisions. Taking a team on a mission into another country is not a light or easy undertaking! I think that’s why I was avoiding it as much as possible. But here we are, with the constant reminder, that if it’s too big for you, it’s probably God – cause we need HIM to pull it off. And He is! There’s been crazy favor all week, and hurdles blown through.

And as icing on the cake, this is the verse that has been popping up every where all week… Hebrews 11:1 KJV – Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. I just saw this version from the NLT… I think it goes well with what the Lord has been showing me recently…

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.

Well, I must get back to work! I still have much to do before tomorrow morning, when the ‘race’ officially begins. I think I’m beginning to understand just how a race horse feels… it must feel like forever in that gate until the gun goes off and he’s let out to run like the wind…

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