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“Just Worship Me”

That’s what I heard that morning.

It wasn’t about journaling or reading or studying, or even praying. It was a time HE wanted me JUST to commune with Him through worship.

Worship, takes my focus off of me and my stuff, or others and their stuff. Worship takes my focus back to Him, and into His Presence. 

In His Presence – everything is seen differently, or fades away – unimportant. Rest is found, Clarity is given, Peace is restored. 

Sometimes, we just need to STOP, Drop and Worship; and watch the rest come into alignment as we become realigned. Sometimes, 5 minutes, is all we need to turn everything around, from chaos to sanity…  

‘The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

He makes me to lie down in green pastures

and leads me beside the still waters,

He restores my soul.” 

Psalm 23:1-3:a



It´s a new day! I got the chance to do something I´ve wanted to do for years. Pastor Glenn and I pretty much raided the music store over in Diriamba. Just some rather small but necessary items and a couple of not necessarily needed like a recorder (flute) and a set of percussion eggs. Fun all the same. And now the keyboard for the restart of El Shaddai – the primarily English speaking church – is hooked up to the system.. but oy… we walked away with out the mic stand!! 

The room is getting set up a bit more.. yeah. Cords running everywhere are now somewhat contained. And the sound system tweeked a bit so that no one´s ears are blown out!! Now to work on an altar area…. 

Well off to my room to continue with what I´d started this morning… a good teaching and a sketch for an idea for Lynne then some study and prayer time. Pappa Glenn so kindly brought the Strong´s and another bible with a good concordance… 

Hasta Luego!

Hello again! Structuring within the ministry has taken a few more huge major changes, even since my last visit with the Schweitzers. I’m seriously considering completely starting this blog site over. Ha.. too much time and effort. I just haven’t had the time or creativity to figure out where I’m going with it at the moment, or a least how to incorporate the old and the new. For now, here’s a batch of photos that Lynne had sent me a couple of weeks ago that I edited and collaged. They’re all from worship services, childrens and other ministries and community outreaches that took place at Nueva Vida. Enjoy!

Outreach Collage

Top and far left pictures, distribution of rice and beans; a home visit and clothing distribution

Children's Ministry Collage

Lost in Worship Collage2

Lost in Worship Collage1

Nueva Vida Worship Collage

Snoozing in the Presencea

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